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October 2014
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id Date Time Location Field Info Division Home Away Score Box
1109Thu, 10/02/20147:15 PMNewnan 3Newnan 8U 8UNewnan 8UGrantville Pantherssubmit scores 
1142Thu, 10/02/20147:45 PMNewnan 6Newnan 14U 14UNewnanGrantville Outlaws5 - 15 box 
1107Sat, 10/04/2014TBDGrantville 2Grantville 2 8UGrantville PanthersGrantville OwlzTBD
submit scores
1150Sat, 10/04/201410:00 AMGrantville 3 14UGrantville OutlawsSpaulding 14U6 - 11 box 
1125Sat, 10/04/201412:00 PMFayetteville 3Fayetteville 3 10UFayetteville BravesGrantville Rebels10 - 8 box 
1096Sat, 10/04/201412:00 PMSenoia Shane BunnSenoia 6U 6USenoiaGrantville Sluggerssubmit scores 
1123Tue, 10/07/20147:00 PMGrantville 2Grantville 2 10UGrantville RebelsNewnansubmit scores 
1115Thu, 10/09/20147:00 PMGrantville 2Grantville 2 8UGrantville OwlzNewnan 8Usubmit scores 
1134Thu, 10/09/20147:00 PMGrantville 3Grantville 3 14UGrantville OutlawsNewnanCancelled 
1097Sat, 10/11/201410:00 AMGrantville 2Grantville 2 8UGrantville OwlzGrantville Pantherssubmit scores 
1152Sat, 10/11/201410:00 AMGrantville 44U Game 6UGrantville SluggersNewnansubmit scores 
1121Sat, 10/11/201412:00 PMFayetteville 3Fayetteville 3 10UFayetteville BravesGrantville Rebelssubmit scores 
1130Sat, 10/11/20142:00 PMTyrone 6Tyrone 6 14UTyrone BravesGrantville Outlawssubmit scores 
1110Tue, 10/14/20147:00 PMSenoia Glen ColeSenoia Glen Cole 8USenoia 8UGrantville Owlzsubmit scores 
1158Thu, 10/16/20146:30 PMBrooks Field #1 16UBrooks 16UGrantville 16U (Harris)submit scores 
1116Sat, 10/18/201412:00 AMGrantville 2Grantville 2 8UGrantville PanthersSenoia 8Usubmit scores 
1128Sat, 10/18/201410:00 AMGrantville 2Grantville 2 10UGrantville RebelsBrookssubmit scores 
1156Sat, 10/18/201410:00 AMGrantville 3 16UGrantville 16U (Harris)Brooks 16Usubmit scores 
1153Sat, 10/18/201410:00 AMGrantville 44U 6UGrantville SluggersNewnansubmit scores 
1133Sat, 10/18/201412:00 PMFayetteville 7Fayetteville 7 14UFayettevilleGrantville Outlawssubmit scores 
1157Sat, 10/18/201412:30 PMGrantville 3 16UGrantville 16U (Harris)Brooks 16Usubmit scores 
1113Sat, 10/18/20142:00 PMGrantville 2Grantville 2 8UGrantville OwlzSenoia 8Usubmit scores 
1161Tue, 10/21/20146:30 PMGrantville 3 16UGrantville 16U (Harris)Brooks 16Usubmit scores 
1111Thu, 10/23/20146:30 PMGrantville 2Grantville 2 8UGrantville OwlzGrantville Pantherssubmit scores 
1148Thu, 10/23/20146:30 PMNewnan Baseball Fields 6UNewnanGrantville Sluggerssubmit scores 
1151Sat, 10/25/201410:00 AMGrantville 3 14UGrantville OutlawsSpaulding 14Usubmit scores 
1095Sat, 10/25/201410:00 AMGrantville 4Grantville 4 6UGrantville SluggersSenoiasubmit scores 
1114Sat, 10/25/201410:00 AMSenoia Glen ColeSenoia Glen Cole 8USenoia 8UGrantville Owlzsubmit scores 
1122Sat, 10/25/201410:00 AMSenoia Hence PollardSenoia 10U 10USenoiaGrantville Rebelssubmit scores 
1117Sat, 10/25/201412:00 PMSenoia Glen ColeSenoia Glen Cole 8USenoia 8UGrantville Pantherssubmit scores 
1160Thu, 10/30/20146:30 PMGrantville 3 16UGrantville 16U (Harris)Brooks 16Usubmit scores 
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