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2014 Grantville Fall Baseball
All Schedules are Complete and On-Line except 16U. If there are any issues, please let us know immediatley so we can reschedule if necessary.
  Uniforms will be ready Thursday. These will be given out to each MANAGER.
You can find Field Locations here Under About GLL, Field Locations.  

Grantville Baseball is located at 23 Colley Street, Grantville, GA. For more information, find us on Facebook Grantville Baseball.    









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Winner vs Loser
The Winner is Always part of the Answer - The Loser is Always part of the Problem
The Winner Always has a Program - The Loser Always has an Excuse
The Winner says "Let me do it for you" - The Loser says "That's not my job"
The Winner sees an Answer for every Problem - The Loser sees a Problem for every Answer
The Winner sees a Homerun for every at bat - The Loser expects two or three errors for every play
The Winner says "It may be difficult, but it's possible" - The Loser says "It may be possible, but it's too difficult"
Are you a Winner?

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Newnan   6:30 PM
Grantville Sluggers Newnan...
Grantville Outlaws   6:30 PM
Tyrone Grantv...
Grantville Owlz   6:30 PM
Senoia 8U Grantv...
Newnan   7:30 PM
Grantville Rebels Newnan 4

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Newnan vs Grantville Sluggers
Grantville Owlz vs Senoia 8U
Grantville Outlaws vs Tyrone
Newnan vs Grantville Rebels
Newnan 8U vs Grantville Panthers

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